Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Features, New Focus...changes are afoot at GGG...

Hey folks, so as my life transitions into stage C (dissertation writing...) the needs that this blog serve are also going through some changes. I started this blog when I was studying for my PhD general exams, at which point I was interested in three genres of film: action, porn, and horror (body genres). I'm still very much interested in all three of these genres, and the ways in which they overlap and blend with each other will continue to be a source of discussion for me, but my dissertation is now officially going to be focused on pornographic literature and film. Accordingly, my blog will now focus pretty much exclusively on porn and those that work in the porn industry. 

Ok, lets face it, it's always been predominantly about porn, but now it's official. I was going to change the name of my blog too, to Porn Again. Reason being, I have identified as feminist for most of my life, and as a youngster I signed up to much of the feminist ideology that I was exposed to without really processing some of it. One thing I took for a given was that porn is inherently anti-woman and anti-feminist. The fact that I had never seen a single porn movie didn't deter me, and in fact I aggressively refused to watch any porn. I remember how I felt about the subject, and because of that I actually empathize with women (and men) who have a deep seated hatred and disgust for the genre even though they have never engaged with any pornographic texts. The name Porn Again was intended to signify the "awakening" I went through a) when I watched my first porn movie, and b) when I began to read feminist theory that did not dismiss pornography. This doesn't mean I think all porn is great, nor that I am "pro-porn" (whatever the hell that means), but it does mean that I have been able to delve into a world of literature, film, and theory that has enriched my life beyond measure. Furthermore, I have been exposed to an industry of women (directors, writers, performers, artists) who inspire me on a daily basis. 

However, I really hate the word "porn," and a friend of mine told me not to change my current name because he liked it, so I'm going with instinct and sticking with GGG. I will still be able to embrace all of the above "Porn Again" thoughts, ideologies, and people, just without the gimicky title. 

I'm going with a slightly different format, including weekly posts that profile performers and directors, along with my usual movie reviews. This will enable me to post more frequently, show some love to the women (and men) I respect and adore, and (selfishly) to help myself get through this dissertation. 

Until next time...

P.S. I'm going to shamelessly steal someone else's shameless idea and throw it out there that I suck at graphics and computer-related stuff, and therefore I do not have a cool and unique banner. If anyone wants to donate a custom-made banner to me, feel free to get in touch!


The Man With No Name said...

Porn is a very interesting subject and the line between exploitation and art is sometimes thin. IT good to see it looked at different from the two usual perspective IE it good or its bad. If you like sexually charged imagery you should check out a couple movies by Spanish director Alejandro Jodorowsky. Holy Mountian meshes violence, gore, sex, and religion to make what people have called the "most offensive movie ever made." His film before that El Topo does the same thing but it is a western. Give them and look.

Gore-Gore Girl said...

I totally agree - I basically work on avoiding or dismantling that binary, as well as complicating the way we distinguish between genres. It's frequently frustrating, and recently most of my forays into writing have been plagued with self-doubt, but if I'm left to my own devices I find writing about these genres to be extremely fulfilling and interesting.

I will definitely check out those movies - I watched a doc about midnight movies the other day, and El Topo was one of the 8 movies profiled. It was also the only one I hadn't heard of (yes, I know, shameful). Holy Mountain sounds right up my alley.

Jeanette said...

I would love to help you out on a new banner. Drop me a line @

Anonymous said...

Wow, very deep.

I don't know you or your story from a hole in the wall, but it sounds like this is a pretty huge change/evolution (philosophical, ideological) in your life. Although I understand why you would keep your GGG title, IMHO, I think you should at least acknowledge this change and incorporate your original idea (I like the 'Porn Again') in some fashion (don't ask me how, maybe the format change would be enough?), if you are not to busy writing ;^). I was originally thinking of a subtitle, but it doesn't sound right as is unless you worked it in somehow (The GGG: Porn Again [x]). Even then it might not be a great idea...

After all, you've undergone a huge transformation, if you previously defined yourself as a feminist holding a polar opposite POV towards porn compared to today.

At any rate, your format change sounds interesting and I look forward to seeing your new content.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, forgot to sign off on my prior comment.

BTW, have you seen any porn movies or spoofs in the spy sub-genre?




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