Saturday, August 1, 2009

Stormy Daniels Arrested

I was eating my dinner the other night, and heard my favourite porn star's name mentioned in the "coming up" segment of the news and assumed it was an update on her Senatorial bid. When I saw the photo they chose to accompany the story, I exclaimed that it was a terrible picture and looked like a mugshot. Well, it was a mugshot. Stormy has been arrested on a domestic violence misdemeanor charge.

I have to say, I found this whole story pretty shocking, but also baffling and ambiguous. It's not entirely clear what happened, in spite of the release of a police report, and no one from Stormy's camp are commenting. 

In the meantime, while reading about Stormy's arrest, I found out that her political advisor had his car blown up in New Orleans by what appears to be a purposefully planted car bomb. I find this to be pretty scary, and have my own theories as to why it happened and who may have done it. Meanwhile, David Vitter supporters are claiming it wasn't a car bomb (one of whom I heard interviewed on NPR), and are merrily chuckling away at all these "amusing" events.

So, a pretty rough couple of weeks for Stormy, and I have to wonder how this will affect her career, both in porn and politics. It could go either way, in my opinion. I'm also intrigued by media/fan response to these incidents - see the MSNBC link above for a few slick jabs mixed in with the "balanced" journalism. Certainly her gender and profession are having a huge impact on how people are responding to both the arrest and the alleged car bomb. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for developments.


Derek said...

I only know her from her brief appearance in "The 40 Year old Virgin", but yeah, as you say, an odd two weeks for the poor lass.

I'll have to see if I can see more of her films. Do you have any recommendations?

Hope you are ok! :)

Gore-Gore Girl said...

Hey Derek, yeah I'm ok, just really busy with all kinds of stuff.

I definitely have recommendations for Stormy movies! I suggest Powertool Massacre (I will be posting a review soon - it's in my Top10 favourite movies of all time), especially if you like slasher spoofs; also worth a look is Sleeping Around and The One - both romantic comedies, and really well written (by Stormy, as is Powertool Massacre); and of course, you have to see her two masterpieces, Operation Desert Stormy, and the sequel, Operation Tropical Stormy (this just came out, and I will be reviewing this soon also). Enjoy!


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