Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Gillies #1: Babyface 2 (1986)

There's something about Jamie Gillis and his audacious and awesome performances that are unlike any other. I believe this calls for some attention to his particular and unique brand of chaos and charm. Hence...

  • The Gillies n. the experience of watching adult film performer Jamie Gillis in action, typically involving feelings of shock, fear, euphoria, arousal, or any combination thereof, during and/or after engagement with the text in question:
"Hey, I watched Waterpower last night!"
"Oh man, that film really gives me the Gillies."
"I know, awesome, right?"

I was prompted to this coinage, finally, by my very first viewing of Alex deRenzy's Babyface 2. I had been informed of Jamie's performance in this film, and so hurried straight to the sequel (Babyface can wait - the sequel has nothing to do with it anyway), but even with said forewarning I was not prepared for the sights I beheld. A bride-to-be is expecting a stripper-cake at her bachelorette party, but is faced with Jamie, who puts a magical and sexy spell on the ladies when they mock his erotic dancing. That'll learn 'em! Enjoy.

The stripper is discovered...and starts doin' his thing...

"You've never had it so good."

"It's kinda the same, but different."

"A little floor work."

The bride-to-be getting "The Gillies" first-hand.

"If I get this thing hard, it's gonna put a spell on all of you. You're all gonna be overcome with lust!"

And they thought he was playin...


T.L Bugg said...

Absolutely hilarious. Many many kudos to you Ms. GGG.

Gore-Gore Girl said...

Thanks Bugg! I got the Gillies just writing about it. Lots of fun.

Matt-suzaka said...

I have been working the stripping scene on the side for a while now, but I haven't made much cash. Now I know the socks! So simple!

Great post!

Gore-Gore Girl said...

Oh yeah, black socks will do the trick!

Thanks for stopping by!

Geof said...

Triple G - love the C/U of Careena Collins gettin' the business from JG, black socks and all. lol

Gore-Gore Girl said...

Ha! Yeah, it's a great pic - I spent hours trying to get just the right ones. It was fun. I was hesitant to post that pic because I was worried it looked like she isn't enjoying it - it almost looks like she's in pain or something - but in the movie she's totally into it.

Oh, and Geof - did you drop me and add me again?

Geof said...

Haha - that's classic Collins! Careena always looks like that, at least in all the things I've seen her in. You picked the perfect screen cap to show off her "oh" face.

No, but it is weird. I don't know what happened so I didn't even mention it before in my post. I couldn't find your avatar in my Followers either. You are not in there now but I didn't think you stopped me either. Anyways, I didn't see my avatar in your followers so I selected "Follow" and it added me again. Somehow I got dropped from your followers but I never un-followed you.??? Got me. Glad to be umm back, I guess. lol

Gore-Gore Girl said...

Haha! Good to have you back!

That's cool I caught her iconic "O" face - I think it's a rockin pic of her. She looks like Parker Posey in that moment!


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