Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Gillies #2: Pretty Peaches 2 (Dir. Alex DeRenzy, 1987)

Hey folks - another corker of a Gillies this time around. In this sequel to 1978's Pretty Peaches, Peaches is on a mission to get laid and learn all about sex but somehow can't manage it. So, she packs up and heads on out to her Uncle's house in San Francisco, a city that will surely show her the ropes.

Peaches' journey is Little Red Riding Hood-esque, as she shows up at her Uncle's and discovers her crazy family, including Granny who seems like a complete sweetheart and kindly offers to teach her how to clean the house, wearing what Granny assures Peaches is all the rage in France...

"No one here but your old granny!"

"Do you like to dust?"

"My granny, what strong arms you have!"

"You're a man!"

"A little dusting..."

"Come on, why don't you clean this honey?"

The Gillies


Roger Feelbert said...

Boom! You got the Gillies!

Geof said...

The Gillies - LOL! When I think of JG, I always think of his role in this film. Hysterical.

Gore-Gore Girl said...

Yes, he is wonderful. Thanks for stopping by folks!


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