Friday, August 28, 2009

Sex Workers Working It: Amanda By Night (1981) and Model Behavior (2009)

I feel I should clarify something at this stage: I have a lot of significant concerns about pornographic mediums, and do not believe that all "pornography" - which is a very vague term in general, but I suppose I mean XXX hardcore - is inherently "good" or "bad" in terms of representations of women and female sexuality (male sexuality is another issue, and one I'm also focused on). I will say this: nowhere else in film am I able to watch movies with such rich, diverse, and progressive characterization of/for women as hardcore pornography. I routinely scour the video shelves of my local Blockbuster for something with a dynamic and interesting female protagonist, and usually I come away with something either starring a man, with a rather interesting female sub-character, or a movie intended for adolescent girls that I want to see out of curiosity (Aquamarine being a recent example). The other movies are of the The Reader ilk, which I will also watch and respect, but often get unfairly categorized as "chick flick" or something for middle-aged people. Horror films are a special breed, and of course I love them - the Final Girl, in fact, could be likened to the heroine of the porn flick. 

Anyway, my point is, in a culture that generally leaves women in all their complexity by the wayside, with multiple voices unheard in the mainstream, there is this billion dollar industry that provides some of the most challenging and dynamic roles for women that I have seen. But...of course this requires a pay-off (I'm not a "liberal feminist") - such dynamic characterization also seems to require sexualization, which is of course telling of our culture as a whole, and disconcerting in terms of how things are "progressing," what we think of as "empowering," and how we think new media representations of female sexuality are shaping individual experience. I take the stand that in a world of shit, you have to take what you can get, and if I want a dynamic female protagonist that I can identify with, then I'm likely to find it in horror, sci-fi, or...most of all, porn. And, really, is there much more wrong with that than turning to mainstream Hollywood? (Which, by the way, I find far more offensive to my feminist principles...).

Well! With all that said, I want to address an interesting topic in hardcore features - that of the narrative that deals with prostitution. I recently watched Model Behavior (2009), starring Stormy Daniels, written and directed by Randy Spears. Then, soon after, I was treated to Amanda By Night (Dir. Gary Graver aka. Robert McCallum, 1981), which I had been wanting to watch for a long time, and I was not disappointed. Both films feature a "madam" (Stormy and Veronica Hart respectively) who respects herself, takes care of her girls, but recognizes the dangers and inevitable problems her chosen career might entail. Both films are about the lead character dealing with a man who wants to kill her, as well as hurt and /or kill the women who work for her. In Amanda, the working women start showing up dead after a job Amanda arranged results on the murder of her worker, and Amanda must work with a cop to try and figure out who is behind the killings before she gets killed herself, but also so she can honor her friendship with the murdered women. In Model Behavior, an ex-boyfriend is out of jail and planning on killing Stormy's character, and violently attacks and maims one of her girls as a message. 

The differences are interesting: while both Amanda By Night and Model Behavior portray their heroines as being in control of their sexuality, and unapologetic for their career choices, Amanda is depicted as wanting to get out of the industry, while in Model Behavior it's never an issue as to whether or not Stormy will quit - the problem resides solely in the man who is terrorizing her and her girls. In addition, similar to the generational developments in horror, Amanda is "saved" by the cop/eventual lover, while Stormy a) doesn't need to be saved from her career, but rather from one particular man, and b) eventually does the dirty work herself. Granted, she gets some help from the mob, but she certainly does her part (just look at the dvd cover).

These differences might suggest that I'm saying times have changed, things have progressed, and Model Behavior is more progressive or "feminist" than Amanda By Night, but I think that would be an oversimplification of these movies. For me, they're both valuable in their own right, and give a voice to sex work in a way that is more positive than what the mainstream media routinely churns out. That doesn't mean that they candy-coat prostitution - and bear in mind, neither film are dealing with street walkers, but rather high-class call girl services (an important class-based distinction). I found moments in each film that impressed me, and further condensed what I already suspected: pornography works on a level not solely based on arousal of heterosexual men, and actively engages in politics, particularly to do with gender and sexuality. I think Amanda's "outburst" is worth quoting in full to demonstrate how radical this film was (and is) in terms of voicing feminist concerns. 

Amanda has just been informed by the well-meaning cop (soon to be her lover) that one of her workers, Gwen, has been found dead, presumed to be the result of an overdose. The cop believes it is a homicide, related to the earlier death of Bev. The cop tells Amanda that Gwen was found with semen inside her, and Bev's number next to her - which he apparently finds suspicious. At this point, Amanda becomes more angry than upset, and stands up, slamming her glass on the table:

"So hookers know hookers like cops knows cops, so what? You know, some of 'em even like each other! Did you know that? You know, some of 'em even have families who love 'em! Oh, maybe not approve of 'em, but who actually love 'em! Can you believe that?!"

"It's all right Amanda..."

"No! I once read somewhere, yeah, I think it even made the Guinness Book of Records, that they once found a hooker, oh I forget where, who actually thought she was a real person! A human being! Can you fucking believe that? Oh - no, no, you're too smart to be fooled by someone like that, 'cos you know, it's nothing but their fucking delusion. You're too smart to believe that shit...and so am I."

The last line is said in a sad and rather pensive tone, as she sits back down, making me wonder what exactly is intended by this very emotional scene. I enjoy this complexity, though, and the idea that she just might believe in the case she is passionately refusing, against her better judgment. 

These films leave me with multiple questions, which is what I like, particularly regarding a common binary that I find myself (as a "sex-positive" feminist, or however you might characterize me) wanting to perpetuate: that sex workers are "happy hookers" or that they are miserable, exploited objects of patriarchal consumer culture. I don't believe either is generally true, and I don't think that either of the films buy into this notion, which is refreshing. The fact that these films feature sex workers playing sex workers (of a different trade - and this is a critical distinction) only brings more depth to the films, and I highly recommend both of them.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Coming Soon to a XXX Website Near You...

Hi folks - I know you all get excited about upcoming releases, the hype and the teasers and so forth, so I thought I would share the upcoming releases that I have marked on my calendar.

First up is The 8th Day from Adam & Eve, starring Kayden Kross and a personal favorite of mine, Bree Olson (who stole the show in 2008's Carolina Jones). AVN puts it like this:

The 8th Day tells the story of the beautiful, young Samantha (Kayden Kross) who awakens from a cryogenic slumber to find the world she knew is gone... And time is running out in this apocalyptical erotic adventure. Overrun by brutal tribes of proto-humans, the city teems with spontaneous sexual fervor and rampant lawlessness. Samantha's one hope for salvation is the desert: a charismatic prince is restoring order to this new land. But when he takes Samantha under his wing and into his bed, he discovers who she really is and she must make the ultimate sacrifice. 

I put it like this: Doomsday + The Road Warrior + Evil Dead 4 + sex = The 8th Day. 

The 8th Day hits shelves on the 8th Day of September.

Next up is Wicked's 2040 - a big budget feature, also of the sci-fi persuasion, featuring all their contract girls except Stormy. Read a detailed description of the production and plot here; in the meantime, here is the synopsis in a nutshell:

In the year 2040, our society no longer uses human beings in porn. Instead, sex droids called "anabots" are used - they look and behave just like humans, and now with the introduction of  new prototype anabot, "MRA-5," they can also feel. Mira, the prototype, is brought on set to do a scene with a human - Randy Spears - who has been brought in last minute to replace a malfunctioning anabot. Mira is more human-like than anyone anticipated, and somewhere during that scene an emotional connection is established between Mira and Randy (playing his own son in the future!). Shenanigans ensue.

This feels very Blade-Runner-esque, as a forum friend pointed out. I'm simply stoked that such an ambitious project is being undertaken, apparently with some pride. I also *love* porn movies about porn. 2040 should be released some time in the next couple of months.

Finally, a plethora of awesomeness is being released by Elegant Angel this September - "Superstar September" as EA are calling it - for those of us who appreciate high quality, artistic, and fun gonzo. The two I'm most excited about are Kristina Rose is Slutwoman and Buttwoman Returns, with Alexis Texas returning as Buttwoman. I'm a huge fan of Alexis' first Buttwoman, which I watched again last night, and was impressed once again with pretty much everything. Alexis Texas and Kristina Rose just seem to be having so much fun in that first scene...

Anyway, I'm intrigued to see how Kristina carries on the series after Annette Schwarz  pretty much blasted everyone out of the water in her buckwild and crazy efforts as Slutwoman. I watched the first one with Annette, and it wasn't my cup of tea. However, meeting her in person was wonderful, and we had a lovely chat, so I have a soft spot in my heart for her. But back to Kristina - she's my #1 starlet at the moment, and I can't wait to see how she advances her craft. Oh, did I mention Mason directs both of these movies...?

Also released is Eva Angelina's return to the industry post-baby, in Evalutionary, which is my #3 pick out of the bunch. Coming in at #4, by no means last, is Tori Black in Tori Black is Pretty Filthy. Tori is often referred to as The Most Beautiful Woman in Porn, and she is extremely attractive, but I've always been drawn to the performers with slightly "off" looks and heaps of charisma. Tori, I'll still buy the movie, but you may have to wait a couple of paychecks. 

Roll on September...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Proud Recipient, and "Celebrating the Porn Blog!"

As I was gearing up to write a list of the top porn blogs (and I mean *actual* blogs, not simply free porn), I received this Honest Scrap award from one of my favourite bloggers, X-Ray at XXX Marks the Plot, a blog I check every time I'm online. 

Before I move on to my obligatory duties, I would like to a take a moment to say that there are very few serious blogs discussing pornographic film (of course, your definition of this might differ from mine or someone else's, but I'm talking about the shit you buy at the XXX store, regardless of the many interesting and provocative discussions we might have about what constitutes "the pornographic"). 

I'll add to that, that it's not an easy task writing about porn, particularly for someone who takes it seriously. I often find myself wondering where a porn review becomes pornographic itself, especially since I have started writing reviews for customer-based sites. Either way, we should celebrate our porn bloggers - all of y'all who have your millions of horror blogs, spare a thought for us nerds who feel the same way about a money shot as you do about a decapitation (and I know - I love horror and porn almost equally).

Ok, so, my duties are as follows: 
1) Link back to the awarder's site.
2) Pass the award on to 10 other blogger sites that are deserving
3) List10 honest things about yourself

Well, Mr. X-Ray (and, not forgetting his wonderful wife) have already been here goes...

1) I check out Violet Blue's prolific posts whenever I'm on line, and I appreciate her feminist perspective on porn and all things sexual, even if I don't agree with her 100% of the time. Ok, so I often disagree with her, but for me that's the great thing about feminism - it's a dialogue y'heard?!

2) I snubbed Mr. Bugg's award he gave me a while back, and felt bad for it ever after, so here is his well-deserved honor for being a fun and consistent horror (and other stuff) blog. He has been a constant supporter of mine - Bugg, you're great!

3) Not exactly a blog, but a podcast and sort-of-blog, Porn++, provides me with ample entertainment and interesting porn movie reviews on a weekly basis. And I'm talking about over an hour of detailed reviews - there really isn't much else like this out there. The only drawbacks are their limited taste in women/films (less so the main host), and their apparent distaste for replying to my emails (hey, they read my email out on their show - what more can I want?? Look - I'm a nerd till I die, and I hardly have anyone to talk to about porn who knows a shit. They have 20,000 listeners, so who the fuck am I, right?). Bottom line: they talk extensively and in detail about porn movies, and I credit them with getting me to buy Kristina Rose; Dirty Girl. 

4) I usually swing by Movies About Girls, simply because they always cover interesting films, and occasionally they throw me a bone by covering a porno that I've seen and think no one else knows what I'm talking about. That whole "The kind men like" tagline is way too heterosexist for me though!

5) I'm excited to have discovered The Action Effect, simply because there are too few action movie blogs out there. It's well written and I'm happy to have someone to share my muscle-bound enthusiasm with.

6) Ok, this next one is said with hope in my heart that they will actually pull their socks up and write a fucking review some time soon. Mr. Roger Feelbert at Pornonomy, you have been warned. Write that god damned Frat House review already!!

7) A lady I have a soft spot for, and go through her good times and bad, Ms. CSMC, here's to you!

8). A woman's perspective is important to me, and for this reason (and for it being so unabashedly declared), I nominate Day of the Woman. But she better cut out that "anti-feminine" shit she blogged about a couple weeks back - you can redefine the feminine!

9) Chris at Horror Dose has always kept me in the loop regarding horror (old and new), and most importantly he always gets back to his fans, which makes all the difference. 

10) Mr. Astro at The Cheap Bin has made his presence known to me by showing some knowledge of quality porn - and he has his own trash to talk about too. Kudos Mr. Astro, and thank you for making me feel less alone in my viewing habits.

11) Finally, I am nominating the Next Great Porn Blog, in hopes that someone out there will start their own blog that deals with the much-maligned, much-misunderstood and trivialized genre that is pornography.

Oh, and now I have to say ten things about myself that are honest...hmmm...

1) I find Manuel Ferrara delectably hot.
2) I am incredibly envious of Mason, but at the same time suspect I wouldn't be courageous enough to do what she does.
3) I wish I had a close group of friends I could talk to about porn.
4) I worry porn is headed in a disappointing and disconcerting direction.
5) I expect too much from people.
6) I genuinely love life, art, and people, but I spend a lot of time spewing hatred and cynicism. It's fun!
7) I spend what little money I have irresponsibly.
8) I like collecting things like a pack rat.
9) I'm proud of my many scars and injuries.
10) I not-very-secretly think I'm a bad ass, but even deeper I fear I would likely get my ass beat when it came down to it.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Director Profile: Mason, aka. Sam No

"I can honestly say, I found myself through porn."

For my first director profile, I have picked someone who initiated a major transition in my life, and has taught me an incredible amount about gender, sexuality, and viewing relations. Mason, or Sam No as she sometimes goes by, is a female director specializing in rough gonzo, yet with a remarkable ability to cast and shoot her movies in a manner that is truly electric, beautiful, and often strangely romantic. Her films literally shine, through outstanding framing and production values, and occasionally oil on asses.

There really isn't that much information on Mason's upbringing; what there is can be found in a chapter she wrote for Carly Milne's edited collection, Naked Ambition: Women Who Are Changing Pornography (2005). This was where I first heard of Mason, and I read her chapter with great interest - she was obviously an extremely intelligent woman who was dedicated to exploring female sexuality - and more particularly, her own sexuality - through her films.

Turned off by certain aspects of porn, predominantly what she perceived to be degrading treatment and representation of women, Mason nevertheless found herself "drawn to it out of sexual curiosity" and after taking some courses in feminist theory at college, she reconsidered her initial assumptions about the genre: "I started to consider that the issues I had with pornography were simply reflections of the way society treats women generally. I started to feel that all of the guilt I felt when viewing porn was predicated on my own discomfort with being a sexual woman."

With that, Mason "actively sought out the porn industry," working first as a camera operator for Rodney Moore, then as an intern for Andre Madness, and finally as a director for Elegant Angel. Her directorial debut was Lady Fellatio (2002) which effectively kickstarted the common belief (outside of the industry) that Mason is a patriarchal creation - simply a woman who hates women. Her subsequent films did not help this reputation, in particular the Dirty Trixxx series (2002) which sparked a significant degree of controversy. In spite of Masons' perspective that Dirty Trixxx is "an explanation of my sexuality" she nevertheless encountered massive public criticism (alongside rave reviews from within the industry). Dirty Trixxx 2 furthered the criticisms and praise, and for Mason was "the sexual awakening I had always yearned for. It was the most intense and aggressive movie I had ever shot." This was also the shoot on which she met her muse, Julie Night, and The Hottest Man in Porn Manuel Ferrara, both of whom she would work with consistently throughout her career.

After leaving Elegant Angel in 2003 to work for Platinum X Pictures, Mason directed Riot Sluts and Riot Sluts 2, the second of which was my first exposure to Mason's filmmaking. I was terrified to watch it, and was only doing so in order to write a paper. Little did I know the film would change my life, and I would become a devotee to Mason. I had not anticipated the passion and intensity that I now know is a staple of Mason's directorial style. I also didn't realize the extent to which Mason herself would be a presence in the film. You never see her in the films - indeed she spent a portion of her career appearing in public in a burka to make a statement about female sexuality - but you hear her voice, occasionally see a shadow or a hand, and feel her involvement with the scene. Mason says of her early camerawork for Rodney Moore, "For some reason, my presence behind the camera made everything less of a performance and more of a real human experience for them." This is what makes Mason stand out from the rest.

Now that Mason is back with Elegant Angel, she often directs under her big-ass-loving alter ego, Sam No, producing classics such as the Massive Asses series, Curvy Girls, and Pornstar Workout, and I can honestly say that her work is consistently impressive, as well as crafted in a dazzling manner. Mason is known for her excellent casting choices, and is insistent in interviews that her selection of men and women for her movies is carefully thought out; Mason even encourages her performers to pick out who they want to perform with. This kind of care and consideration is palpable in her scenes, with performers who are clearly into each other, environments that feel passionate yet safe, and all filmed with Mason's trademark style which is both simple and striking. There really is no other director whose work I anticipate on this level, other than perhaps Stormy's big budget efforts.

It's hard to pin down one film to recommend for this profile. Riot Sluts 2 stands out as the one that started it all for me, and certainly the opening scene with Katrina Kraven and Kimberley Kane is one of the most impressive gonzo scenes I have witnessed, but for newcomers I would suggest one of her recent entries, either Alexis Texas is Buttwoman (co-directed by William H., 2008), Kristina Rose: Dirty Girl (2008), or any of the Massive Asses series (2008-9). 

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Camp Cuddly Pines Powertool Massacre (2005)

After the recent Stormy news, and having just watched her outstanding new movie Operation Tropical Stormy, I decided to pour out a splash of my 40 and revisit what I consider the best movie she has made to date, not to mention possibly my favorite porn movie ever made (certainly in my Top 5). 

Co-written by Stormy Daniels, and directed by Jonathan Morgan, Powertool Massacre is still up there with the best comedy porn movies of all time, in my opinion, and one of the best horror parodies ever made, porn or otherwise. I saw this when it first came out in 2005, right at the beginning of my adventures in porn, and it was a life-altering moment. Not only did it open my eyes to the kind of adult filmmaking going on, but it introduced me to Stormy Daniels - a writer, director, and performer...and a woman. I really had no clue women were so involved in hardcore - like I said, I was a newbie, and my knowledge was based on mainstream perceptions (i.e. ignorance and sensationalism). 

Plot: A group of teens (all around 30-yrs-old...) - Stormy, jessica drake, Voodoo, Tommy Gunn, and Eric Masterson - are traveling in their van to a "Mettalicide" concert, when they run over a homeless drifter "not once, not twice, but three - possibly four - times!" After the drifter is certifiably dead, they tie the body to the roof of the van, planning on going to the cops. The van breaks down at Camp Cuddly Pines, located in the middle of some dark and creepy woods, they realize the body has disappeared (National Lampoon's Vacation...), and the gang split up: the guys go looking for the body, while the girls go looking for a pay phone. The girls bump into a creepy caretaker, and the three of them sit down by the campfire to hear some tales of the Camp Cuddly Pines killer who stalks the woods.

Powertool Massacre spoofs a whole host of horror movies (as well as a few other genre films, such as Aliens), which is lots of fun for horror fans, and manages to squeeze 10 sex scenes in along the two-and-a-half hour running time, which is pretty impressive. Even more impressive is the way the performers stay firmly in character throughout the sex scenes (aside from a couple of lukewarm numbers), especially the scene with Voodoo and his real-life wife Nicole Sheridan, who plays a "creepy well chick" (a la The Ring) to Voodoo's jock. The acting in general, in fact, is way above what you might expect from feature porn, especially when big budget fodder such as Pirates is being touted as the best of the industry. Now, I'm a fan of Pirates as much as the next person, but Powertool Massacre really takes the cake in every department.

The crowning achievement of this movie, however, is the script. Granted, the outstanding cast pull it off magnificently, but still, Stormy's script (co-written with Jonathan Morgan and August Warwick) is what shines throughout the movie. There are so many quotable lines from jocks Todd (Voodoo) and Josh (Tommy Gunn), American Beauty-esque nerd Rayford (Eric Masterson), who wields his camcorder throughout proceedings, cheerleader badgirl Meghan (jessica drake), and ditzy blonde Kirsten (Stormy), that it's a delight to watch over and over again. Most memorable for me is a scene in which Meghan tells Rayford he should go looking for Todd, seeing as he's the man. Rayford replies in his nerdy voice, "Hey Meghan, that's sexist. Didn't your feminist forefathers burn their bras and not shave their legs on the frontlines of equality so that I didn't have to be an alpha male neanderthal?" "Yeah," Meghan acidly replies, "but not so you could be a pussy." There are plenty more cracking exchanges such as this, and best of all, they tend to work by subverting and/or spoofing gendered horror conventions, and recognizable cliches. 

The kills are lacking, I'll admit, but considering this is a porn movie, I was still impressed by the blood-splatter even though I would not tolerate this kind of lack of weapon-body contact in a regular horror movie. That said, there are a few creative kills, and a neat obligatory scene where all the blood-drenched bodies fall out of the closet/door etc. 

All in all, I really can't recommend this enough, especially if you're a hybrid horror-porn fan. There's really nothing else like this out there, in terms of quality and talent, so if you have a spare thirty bucks, you won't be wasting it by adding this to your collection. 

Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Features, New Focus...changes are afoot at GGG...

Hey folks, so as my life transitions into stage C (dissertation writing...) the needs that this blog serve are also going through some changes. I started this blog when I was studying for my PhD general exams, at which point I was interested in three genres of film: action, porn, and horror (body genres). I'm still very much interested in all three of these genres, and the ways in which they overlap and blend with each other will continue to be a source of discussion for me, but my dissertation is now officially going to be focused on pornographic literature and film. Accordingly, my blog will now focus pretty much exclusively on porn and those that work in the porn industry. 

Ok, lets face it, it's always been predominantly about porn, but now it's official. I was going to change the name of my blog too, to Porn Again. Reason being, I have identified as feminist for most of my life, and as a youngster I signed up to much of the feminist ideology that I was exposed to without really processing some of it. One thing I took for a given was that porn is inherently anti-woman and anti-feminist. The fact that I had never seen a single porn movie didn't deter me, and in fact I aggressively refused to watch any porn. I remember how I felt about the subject, and because of that I actually empathize with women (and men) who have a deep seated hatred and disgust for the genre even though they have never engaged with any pornographic texts. The name Porn Again was intended to signify the "awakening" I went through a) when I watched my first porn movie, and b) when I began to read feminist theory that did not dismiss pornography. This doesn't mean I think all porn is great, nor that I am "pro-porn" (whatever the hell that means), but it does mean that I have been able to delve into a world of literature, film, and theory that has enriched my life beyond measure. Furthermore, I have been exposed to an industry of women (directors, writers, performers, artists) who inspire me on a daily basis. 

However, I really hate the word "porn," and a friend of mine told me not to change my current name because he liked it, so I'm going with instinct and sticking with GGG. I will still be able to embrace all of the above "Porn Again" thoughts, ideologies, and people, just without the gimicky title. 

I'm going with a slightly different format, including weekly posts that profile performers and directors, along with my usual movie reviews. This will enable me to post more frequently, show some love to the women (and men) I respect and adore, and (selfishly) to help myself get through this dissertation. 

Until next time...

P.S. I'm going to shamelessly steal someone else's shameless idea and throw it out there that I suck at graphics and computer-related stuff, and therefore I do not have a cool and unique banner. If anyone wants to donate a custom-made banner to me, feel free to get in touch!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Stormy Daniels Arrested

I was eating my dinner the other night, and heard my favourite porn star's name mentioned in the "coming up" segment of the news and assumed it was an update on her Senatorial bid. When I saw the photo they chose to accompany the story, I exclaimed that it was a terrible picture and looked like a mugshot. Well, it was a mugshot. Stormy has been arrested on a domestic violence misdemeanor charge.

I have to say, I found this whole story pretty shocking, but also baffling and ambiguous. It's not entirely clear what happened, in spite of the release of a police report, and no one from Stormy's camp are commenting. 

In the meantime, while reading about Stormy's arrest, I found out that her political advisor had his car blown up in New Orleans by what appears to be a purposefully planted car bomb. I find this to be pretty scary, and have my own theories as to why it happened and who may have done it. Meanwhile, David Vitter supporters are claiming it wasn't a car bomb (one of whom I heard interviewed on NPR), and are merrily chuckling away at all these "amusing" events.

So, a pretty rough couple of weeks for Stormy, and I have to wonder how this will affect her career, both in porn and politics. It could go either way, in my opinion. I'm also intrigued by media/fan response to these incidents - see the MSNBC link above for a few slick jabs mixed in with the "balanced" journalism. Certainly her gender and profession are having a huge impact on how people are responding to both the arrest and the alleged car bomb. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for developments.


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