Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year! Some Quickie Reviews:Part 1

Hey folks, it's been a while. I've been indulging in a Christmas break lifestyle, which seamlessly merged into a New Year's Eve lifestyle, and then a New Year...well, you get the idea. I've been a lazy bum. However, I have been dutifully watching large quantities of pornographic film, as well as reading about porn, so as I reluctantly emerge from my domestic wasteland, please enjoy these quickie reviews of what I have been watching over the last two weeks.

Oh, and please let me know what y'all got for Christmas! I got a Rocky IV robe, the Midnight Blue boxset, a few awesome books, a really nice camera, and a t-shirt of my blog banner! Pretty sweet.

1. Angel on Fire (Dir. Roberta Findlay, 1974)

I had pretty high expectations going into this: written/directed by a woman; co-starring Jamie Gillis; a story about a woman-hater forced to return to Earth as a woman. Well, it partially lived up to my hopes (Jamie definitely did), but I had a hard time getting over the essentialist message about men and women. Apparently, "femininity" is some kind of intoxicating vapor that makes you loving...and really, really needy. It drives you to pursue asshole men (who are presumably also under the influence of the masculinity vapor...) and act like a braindead idiot who doesn't understand a guy doesn't like you when he calls you a cunt and a bitch. Naturally, the way to secure your man is to stop taking the pill, get pregnant, and then burst in on him while he's getting his dick sucked by another woman. Moderately offensive to my feminist sensibilities, but still a fun movie, and Jamie stole the show as expected with his perfect interpretation of a complete scumbag.

2. Babyface (Dir. Alex DeRenzy, 1977)

This film was a joy. A giant construction worker (seriously, he has to duck to go through doors) sleeps with an underage girl (she pursues him, don't worry) and hides out in a male brothel to elude the cops and the girl's mother. The brothel workers are a fine bunch, including Joey Silvera and Paul Thomas (perfect as a jealous and bitchy whore), and the film really milks its premise for laughs, twists, and turns. The female clientele are great, also, embodying different sexual characteristics that the guys gossip about. I love movies about sex workers, and this one stands out as particularly unique and clever. Great film.

3. Cafe Flesh (Dir. Rinse Dream, 1982)

Wow, this film is incredible. Set in a post-apocalyptic urban future, nuclear war has separated humans into two types: 99% are Sex Negatives, who cannot engage in sexual contact without feeling sick to their stomach, and 1% are Sex Positives, who are required by law to perform sex acts for the "pleasure" of the Sex Negatives. It's not really pleasure though... Cafe Flesh is the most notorious club catering to Sex Negatives, with stage shows that are simultaneously depressing, mechanical, erotic, and terrifying, complete with a host who berates his audience which seems to be an important part of them getting their jollies. The camerawork, set design, acting, direction, and dialogue in this film are outstanding, and it kept me engaged mentally and visually throughout. Fantastique!

4. Dirty Minds (Dir. Stormy Daniels, 2009)

It's pretty jarring to go back to a feature from 2009 after wallowing in the delights of the 70s and 80s, but this film was pretty good. One of Stormy's most recent (though she didn't write it), Dirty Minds stars Kirsten Price and the woefully underrated Eric Masterson as a modern couple struggling with their different lifestyles and goals. Eric is all about pot smoking and porn, of course, while Kirsten wants more out of life, leading to Eric reevaluating his priorities, and...well, you know, kinda like most of the comedies coming out of Hollywood right now. This film had the expected pot-fueled conversations amongst the guys, which were pretty funny, and the requisite sex scenes sandwiched into the plot. This sandwiching technique is my biggest complaint about recent features, but beggars can't be choosers.

4. Jack 'n' Jill (Dir. Chuck Vincent, 1979)

The combination of Jack Wrangler, Chuck Vincent, and Samantha Fox pretty much guarantees this film being dynamite, and it did not disappoint. Jack Wrangler is hot as can be, ably assisted by Samantha Fox, as a married couple who like to explore their sexuality together. The opening scene is fucking incredible -- worth the price of the DVD alone -- but the film as a whole is great too, with outstanding acting across the board, witty dialogue, and the usual zany directing that Chuck Vincent has been lauded for before. His films always take risks, a quality that is hard to come by, and Vincent seems able to pull off cinematic moves that in a less talented director's hands would simply fail. Highly recommended!

Ok, there are my first five...about ten more to come. Stay tuned!


J. Astro said...

"...who doesn't understand a guy doesn't like you when he calls you a cunt and a bitch."

Wait a minute - those are two of my most reliable go-to pickup lines! That's how I landed my current gf! I was all like "Hey, you bitch, how would a cunt like you like to get with a stud like me?" She swooned into my arms almost immediately! It might have been the roofies, though, come to think of it...

Nice batch of reviews, as always, and Happy New Year!

Gore-Gore Girl said...

By "roofies" I assume you mean her femininity?

Next time you should try "Fuck off and leave me alone you fucking cunt" or "you can suck my cock but then never come back around here, ok bitch?" - this is along the lines of what sealed the deal for our heroine in Angel on Fire.

Happy New Year to you too Astro Boy!

Sleazegrinder said...

Cafe Flesh is one of the best places to see 80's scream queen Michelle Bauer in her hardcore persona, Pia Snow.

Also, that dude's Dr Caligari remake is completely bonkers.

Gore-Gore Girl said...

Someone else mentioned Pia Snow to me and I felt stupid for not knowing who she was. I will have to do some research. And I saw that Rinse Dream made Dr. Caligari - it's on my to-see list for sure.

Sleazegrinder said...

We should do Caligari on the show someday. It's hilarious/absurd/horrible/awesome.

Gore-Gore Girl said...

Those are my four favourite qualities in a film. I'm down.

Matt-suzaka said...

Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I gave you an award for the magic blogging that you do here. No need to do a follow up post, but I wanted to let you know about it!

Gore-Gore Girl said...

Wow, thank you! That's awesome!

The Bloody Pit of Horror said...

I remember reading an interview with Roberta Findlay where I believe she said that people who like her films were mentally disturbed! Guess I'm in good company. ;)

I've had a copy of Cafe Flesh for several years but haven't gotten around to watching it yet. I'll try to get to that as soon as possible. Sounds great, plus I like Michelle Bauer so I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy it. Have you seen Nightdreams? I HAVE watched that one and it's pretty great.

Gore-Gore Girl said...

Yes indeed, I have seen Nightdreams. I sought it out as soon as I watched Cafe Flesh. Nightdreams is pretty great, but Cafe Flesh is really something else. They're both awesome films, but if I were forced to pick just one, Cafe Flesh would be it. Let me know what you think - you're in for a treat.

Anonymous said...

Cafe Flesh is a great movie. Kind of like a Cabaret for porn.



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