Tuesday, January 12, 2010

R.I.P. Juliet Anderson (1938-2010)

Juliet Anderson, also affectionately known as Aunt Peg due to her role in the film of the same name, has died at age 71. I adore this woman, and everything she brought to adult film. A terrible loss.

For me, she will always represent a kind of woman that is rarely seen in media. Not a cliche "cougar" or "MILF," but an autonomous sexual screen presence who always owned it. The first time I ever saw Anderson in a film was in 1980's Taboo, and then soon after in 1982's Taboo 2 -- I literally was like, "Who is that??" She was so charismatic and magnetic, and yet it didn't seem to make sense. The butch hair, her age (she entered adult film age 39) -- it all shouldn't have existed according to the porn stereotype. Well, Anderson wasn't a stereotype, she was a trailblazer and an artist, and she lit up the screen.

Love that woman. I'll be paying my respects with many joyful viewings of her magnificent performances for many years to come. Total respect.

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Roger Feelbert said...

Oh, what a drag!

She was fantastic in everything she did.


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