Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Some Quickie Reviews: Part 2

Hi folks, I'm back with some more lightning fast reviews of the many movies I watched over Christmas. First, though, I would like to thank Matt over at Chuck Norris Ate My Baby for picking my humble blog (amongst others) for the Zombie Chicken award. It's nice to know there are people out there who would risk their life to read about cum shots, amputees, and pegging -- Matt's an OK guy in my book.
Ok, on with the mini-reviews. Next up...#6.

6. Pandora's Mirror (Dir. Shaun Costello, 1981)

Sigh. I love Veronica Hart. She's outstanding in this film, which is outstanding in so many other ways. I've seen Pandora's Mirror described as Twilight Zone-esque, and that's pretty much accurate. Hart plays Pandora, a regular-seeming young woman who discovers a mirror in an antique shop. When she looks into it, she finds herself experiencing sexual lust, indulging in fantasies, and discovering the mirror's history (which involves a lot of people becoming obsessed with the mirror and its lustful influence, much like Pandora winds up being hooked on her visits to the store). The film is lighter in tone than most Costello films I've seen, but it still goes to very dark places. Fantastic film.

7. She's So Fine (Dir. Henri Pachard, 1985)

A chaotic, fun, and hot film about a family (and their neighbors) waiting for the arrival of Taija Rae's fiance on the day of their wedding. All manner of characters and weirdos show up to the house for one reason or another (including Joey Silvera as a brain-dead stoner ex-boyfriend and Sharon Mitchell as an aggressive, leathered up groupie who shows Jerry Butler a thing or two) and the family start exploring their sexuality with all of these exciting newcomers. Paul Thomas is fantastic as a New Romantic-style musician, complete with wig and make-up, who seduces Gloria Leonard, the mother of the family. Their scenes together are dynamite. Highly recommended.

8. Sometime Sweet Susan (Dir. Fred Donaldson, 1975)

It's difficult to really rave about this film because the sex scenes were so darkly lit, it was hard to judge half the film. Nevertheless, this is a well-intentioned film in terms of artistic merit, characterization, and script. Harry Reems (buff, charismatic, and generally awesome) stars as a doctor working in a psychiatric hospital where Susan is a new patient. She was found alone in a house, mute and near catatonic, and now she is working through her memories with the good Doctor, trying to uncover the trauma that caused all of her problems. Turns out, sweet Susan, who the Doc has taken quite a shine to, has a sexually predatory and foul-mouthed alter-ego. What happened to Susan? Can she and the Doctor be together? Who is the "real" Susan? You get the picture. Cool enough, but not stellar. Also including some the most inappropriate doctor-patient verbal interaction I've ever seen.

9. A Married Man (Dir. Steve Scott, 1978)

Jack Wrangler is his usual awesome, sexy self in this classic - it's a shame, then, that Channel 1/Catalina Video decided to replace the original soundtrack to the sex scenes with lame contemporary music. One of the most wonderful things about old porn is the soundtrack (minus the dubbed slurping sounds). Even if there is no music, I would rather hear the isolated grunts and moans of Jack Wrangler than some kind of electro-jazz easy listening. It really killed the mood. I ended up turning the movie off for this reason, so I can only comment on the first scene with Jack Wrangler and some dude fucking in a greenhouse. Aside from the music, it was great. Blurry and muffled, but great.

10. TMSleaze (Dir. Brian Bangs, Spock Buckton, Quasarman, 2009)

I pretty much gave up on the new rash of porn parodies (I will still watch the Brady Bunch series, and generally anything Will Ryder does) but this subject piqued my interest due to its sleazy roots. TMZ is pretty sleazy, so I figured a porn parody would expose some hypocrisy, and poke fun at the trash we consume out in the open. The first scene, featuring characters based on American Idol, was pretty impressive, and the "meeting room" that TMZ viewers will be familiar with is pretty hilariously accurate. Haven't finished this one, so I guess I'll get back to y'all if/when I have something more to say about it.

Stay tuned for a more in-depth analysis of a film I saw recently that rocked my world.


Geof said...

Triple G - I nominated you for an award, so please check it out when you get a chance. And also, Happy Belated New Year!

J. Astro said...

I find that cover for "A MARRIED MAN" to be particularly hilarious. Who situates their dick in their underwear band like that? wtf?

Gore-Gore Girl said...

Wow, thanks Geof! Very much appreciated.

Astro: I love that cover too. I like it particularly because the position of his penis seems to be due to the fact that he is occupied with a cigarette. Makes perfect sense to me.

M.Bug said...

"Harry Reems (buff, charismatic, and generally awesome)" thoughts too. I always liked Harry.

Gore-Gore Girl said...

Good to know, M. Bug. He is quite yummy.

BlackSix said...

I need to check out Pandora's Mirror, it's one of the Costello films I haven't seen. I like his later more 'mainstream' xxx films as much as his infamous early roughies.

Gore-Gore Girl said...

It's a cool movie, indeed. Any suggestions for these more "mainstream" flicks? I love his dark stuff too, but diversity is always nice.


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