Thursday, March 25, 2010

Quickie Reviews!! March 2010 Edition Part 2!!

Hi folks. Part 2 of my quickie reviews, before I get my teeth into some Feminist Porn in anticipation of the Feminist Porn Awards 2010 in Toronto. I'm going. Like, I have my tickets booked and everything. I even have a stack of freshly purchased, nominated films to watch and review during the build-up to this fine event.

Well, without further ado...

Lialeh (Dir. Barron Bercovichy, 1974)

This one is touted as the first black XXX film ever made, and also boasts a soundtrack and appearance from Bernard Purdie, who drummed and recorded with the likes of James Brown and Aretha Franklin. Crikey! So, I knew this film wouldn't be good, but I was informed the soundtrack would funk me up. I was right on the first count, and sadly wrong on the second. The movie is about Lialeh, a wannabe singer/performer who auditions for some guy, and is coached to be better...and I guess she's supposed to be good and sexy? She's not - she is a horrible singer, and a horrible dancer, and I simply couldn't stand it. The songs weren't even that good. In fact, the film left me pining for the quality songs heard in films such as The Devil in Miss Jones and The Opening of Misty Beethoven. I'm not angry I bought the movie, but I did turn it off before the end... Y'all can indulge in the theme song at the end of the show and decide for yourselves.

Talk Dirty to Me Part III (Dir. Ned Morehead, 1984); aka. The All-New Talk Dirty to Me, Part III.

I adore Talk Dirty to Me and its unofficial sequel, Nothing to Hide. I like Talk Dirty to Me: Part 2, and I enjoyed Talk Dirty to Me: Part 4. It was always a source of pain, then, to know I could never see the Traci Lords starrer, Talk Dirty to Me Part III, where John Leslie falls in love with a mermaid. Part 4 had mermaids, sure, but it just isn't the same in a sequel. Well, cruising the adult DVD stores, I found this DVD (suspiciously priced at $3), and I got exactly what I paid for. Stay with me here, because it's hard to explain what I experienced. The producers of this film decided to refilm segments involving Lords, on cheap video no less, and insert them into the original film. Traci is now an aging Lisa deLeeuw, who spends practically the whole film sitting in a pool looking around in a confused manner, as we skip back and forth between her and the original film segments that she is "looking at" (I have surmised that the pool is on wheels). John Leslie appears at one minute in his prime, the next as a 40-something-year-old (I still love you John), and because the sound doesn't match, we are left with a lot of deLeeuw's lines silenced. I'm talking, entire pieces of her mouth moving, and all we can hear is a buzzing sound. The kicker comes when deLeeuw has a solo scene, during which the director and god-knows-who-else can be clearly heard throughout giving directions, and chit-chatting about shit they messed up. I kind of want to say this has to be seen to be believed (which is true), but the whole experience was strangely depressing. Avoid.

The Deviant (Dir. Nica Noelle, 2009)

I bought this one for a couple of reasons: 1) Nica Noelle is nominated for two films at this year's Feminist Porn Awards (not for this film though), and 2) It stars Manuel Ferrara in a feature. The man can talk! And not just whispering sexy sweet nothings in a woman's ear. ...and he can act, it turns out. I have never seen a Sweet Sinner movie before, and I was pleasantly surprised. I guess I was expecting soft sex, and very little plot, when in reality the sex was pretty hardcore, and there was a decent plot. Manuel is unhappy with his marriage to Kylie Ireland, suspicious that she is cheating, and asks his friend, Mr. Pete, to seduce her. It's hard to tell at first whether or not Manuel is justified in his suspicions or whether he's just a douche, but things become clear with time. If there was one thing I could change about the movie, it would be the sound quality - it seems that no mics are used in this film, which is a shame. Cheap sound can make a film not feel like a film, and it certainly took me out of the moment. Still, I'm looking forward to the next couple of movies by Nica. I'll report back soon. Oh! And Manuel is super-fucking-fine, as usual.

Memoirs of a Chambermaid (Dir. Eric Edwards, 1987)

There's something about this DVD cover that's very appealing, dontcha think? It's the man-ass, which is always welcome, in my opinion. More than that though, it just looks kinda quaint. The movie is actually pretty quaint, and I liked it in spite of the fact that it's shot on video in the 80s (usually a very bad sign). The script and concept is cool though: a writer moves into an old Victorian house to focus on her work, but has writer's block. After being told the house is haunted by the estate agent, she discovers an old diary, written by a Victorian woman (naturally, it's about her forbidden love for some blonde dude) and starts having "hallucinations" of the people written about in the diary. She talks to them, diddles over them, everything. Nice concept, as I said, but the key problem with this feature is the fact that the blonde dude is in practically every scene, to the point where I started FFing out of frustration. Now, if it was John Leslie, that would be one thing, but I've never heard of this Brandon fella, and quite frankly he ain't floating my boat. Still, it's not terrible, and if you happen to have the chance to watch it, check it out.

Oh, and here's your [i]Lialeh[/i] theme - this is the opening to the film, and it gets shown again in its entirety later in the film. And that lady is not Lialeh. I only wish it were... Enjoy getting its lameness stuck in your head...


Roger Feelbert said...

The jarring juxtaposition of the film to video to film of "Talk Dirty to Me 3" is a huuuuuuge minus.

That said, the scene between Tom Byron and Ginger Lynn is one of my all-time favorites.

Before the first (and only) time I saw "Lialeh" I was looking forward to it because of the almost laughable lack of black (read: not "interracial") porn, and the influence that the era of black cinema could have had on the film. Unfortunately, the film has a lot of the worst parts of blaxploitation and none of the best parts.

And a note to filmmakers, adult and otherwise: if you're touting a soundtrack as a selling point, don't make the main theme repetitive to the point that it induces migraines.

Gore-Gore Girl said...

Hahaha! Yes, exactly. "Sweet, sweet, sweet...sweet, sweet..." ghaaa! It gets stuck in my head. And then they had the nerve to play it twice!

Jimmy said...

So I am the only one who liked the soundtrack when I watched the film. Of course the film isn't that great to begin with, even Andrea True doesn't help but I have forgot if she really do something in this film or if we just see her at the telephone hotel service. But like I've said it's better than Tongue.

I'm lucky enough to have a copy of the original TDTM 3. I can't imagine what a bad watching experience it must be to look the reconstruction you have watched. I think they did the same thing with Sister Dearest by adding shot on video scene with Christy Canyon to replace the Tracy Lords' scenes.

Gore-Gore Girl said...

Haha - yeah, guess so. My boyfriend was so excited to hear the soundtrack, and then became instantly irritated and disappointed. But hey, apparently there are others out there who like it. ;)

Isn't it illegal to own the original TDTM 3? Maybe you live in Europe or something. I would love to see the original, but alas...

Jimmy said...

I live in the Province of Quebec. Here they are legal because they already got their certificate from our rating office (régie du cinéma) when they were released. But it's only for the old VHS and no dvd can be released (obviously they wouldn't pass anymore the office, but who knows...). But it's mostly because it was a high profile case, since Defiance of Good is widely available and Jean Jennings was underage also in it.

Gore-Gore Girl said...

Thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...


So do ya think that Nica Noelle is someone I would enjoy? I got turned off of Wicked's stuff due to the tepid sex...

And anything with Manuel and him whispering sweet nothings is appealing to me.


Gore-Gore Girl said...

Haha! Heard dat!

Yeah, it might work for ya. My boyfriend wasn't keen, and the scenes are a little long, but it was certainly more naturalistic than Wicked. It also was in no way soft - Manuel threw Kylie on the bed and ravished her (and we all know Kylie does a lot of throwing and ravishing herself!). The sound wasn't great though, which bothered me.

I have two more of her films here to watch - maybe I'll report back after those before I give my official rec. but if you've got money to spare, why not give it a shot?


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