Monday, April 26, 2010

Malice in Lalaland finally arrives!!!

Yippee! Y'all have no idea how long I have been waiting for this to be released: it's an Alice adaptation, it's a feature (gasp!), and it's.....shot on film! What's film, I hear you say? It's this oldey folksy way of creating movies that makes them look warm and fuzzy and sophisticated and inviting, and quite frankly can shine a turd into a diamond. I anticipate this to be at shiny diamond-status anyway, just with the able assistance of 35mm. Goodness me, I'm excited. Don't wanna get my hopes up too much...but heck, why not?

So, here is the box description:

"An innovative film shot on 35mm, based on the books by Lewis Carroll 'Alice in Wonderland' and 'Through the Looking Glass'.

A strange world with strange characters, Malice manages to escape from the asylum with the help of Rabbit. During her escape from Queenie and Jabbowski, she has the most sexiest adventures ever.

Innovative packaging too, this comes as a 40 page booklet with DVD enclosed."

Also, check out that cast! Sasha Grey, Andy San Dimas, Keni Styles (last seen in Pure), the obligatory Ron Jeremy, and I know Kristina Rose is tucked away in there somewhere because I saw this adorable pic of her on their facebook fan page:

Oh, and did I mention they used storyboards? That's exciting, and they're apparently included in the 40-page booklet that comes with the DVD. So, clearly, this is one to purchase - no rentals (or thieving, for those of you who do that kind of thing) for me. I want the whole package.

You can currently purchase this at Your Choice (a European site), but I ordered from there before and it arrived very promptly. You also get the added excitement of paying in Euros.


Jimmy said...

You sure look exited about this one. I ain't a big fan of modern adult film (too much sex and not enough story for my taste), but it sounds interesting. I'll wait for your review, we never know maybe that will be my first modern film purchase since the mid-nineties when Vivid and Wicked were making real films (not perfect, but at least they were trying).

Gore-Gore Girl said...

Here's hoping! I still have faith in the industry getting its groove back once they realise that nerds will pay cash money for good porn, and pirate the bullshit.


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