Thursday, May 27, 2010


Hola! Taking a break from work to post my brief thoughts on some of the movies I've been watching over the last couple of weeks...enjoy!

Every Inch a Lady (The Amero Bros., 1975)

Oh boy, I really loved this film. I initially bought it because I was told there's a scene where Harry Reems fucks Jamie Gillis in the ass with a carrot (true!), but aside from this it turned out to be a really intriguing and entertaining film about a couple who decide to start up a brothel business together. The acting is top notch, the narrative flows smoothly and feels organic, and the ending is a real kicker. I came away from this film feeling immensely satisfied, which sometimes doesn't happen because of a disappointing ending. Not this time. I can't really elaborate much further, but this is certainly a film that would emerge triumphant from a feminist analysis. Highly recommended.

Pizza Girls (Bob Chinn, 1979)

Chinn, director of Candy Stripers, has a tone I really enjoy -- ditzy, silly, but somehow also really smart. In this delirious tale of pizza delivery girls who deliver more than just pizza, who are also being stalked by the San Francisco Night Chicken who is working for a fried chicken competitor, manages to establish the same porno fantasy world as Candy Stripers: sex is both routine and naughty. It's a fun atmosphere for porn, and one that allows for a lot of satirical and silly humor. Fun stuff. (Though I was disappointed no one showed up in a chicken suit, in spite of feathers flying).

Sex, Lies and Spies (Marcus London, 2010)

It's been a while since I sat down and watched a Wicked feature, but I figured I should check this out seeing as Kaylani and Stormy star in it. It's pretty good, not great -- Stormy was typically great, and seemed more enthusiastic in her scenes for some reason, while Kaylani wasn't in the movie as much as I would have wanted. The plot is pretty familiar: two assassins have a falling out because one crossed a line (Kaylani) and the other quit as a result (Stormy). Thus, the mob send Kaylani to kill Stormy. There are some cool scenes, and a couple of neat shots. I watched the whole thing, so it's above average, but not up there with best Wicked features.

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