Sunday, June 20, 2010

Subversive Money Shots...?

Hey folks, it's been a while. I won't bore you with the details. Point is, I'm back. I've been keeping a few lists recently that keep track of movies that represent or depict certain themes, and one of these lists involves scenes where the woman cums after the man. Any good porn fan should know that the "money shot" is the moment a man ejaculates, therefore signaling the end of the scene, a feature of hardcore that has troubled feminist porn studies scholars for years. In fact, in 2007 there was something of a spat between feminist pornographers Erika Lust, Audacia Ray, Ms. Naughty, and Petra Joy, over the money shot and whether it can ever really be "feminist" (as well as whether or not sex acts in general can be defined as "feminist" in such a clear cut way). I definitely come down on the side of Ms. Naughty, who points out that "context is everything," while bemoaning the apparent necessity of the facial, which has become mind-numbingly prerequisite for hardcore these days. Ms. Naughty notes the following:

"I'll also restate my position that I hate the way the male orgasm (as engendered in the money shot or facial) is always the 'final whistle' in porn. It's considered to be the ultimate act, the most important thing in a whole scene. And often there's no female orgasm whatsoever. Imagine how groundbreaking it would be if we got to see the woman come AFTER the guy? Even if that meant bringing in a vibrator."

Truthfully, in spite of all my diligent feminist reading about the money shot, I had never concretely thought about this idea, and immediately set about listing any scenes I noticed that did portray the woman cumming after the guy.

I should also remark that there is a strong sentiment in feminist porn that the sexual arousal must be "real," but I don't entirely agree with this position. The reason the money shot is male in the first place seems to be in large part because of the visual "proof" that male ejaculation affords, while female orgasm remains hidden and "untrustworthy," as Linda Williams has brilliantly argued in Hard Core. For that reason, and the fact that porn is after all a media form -- a representation --, I feel that an authentic and accurate representation of female orgasm is just as valuable in terms of feminism as a real one, especially if it occurs within a narrative.

The scenes noted below are just a handful from recent memory, so please feel free to offer your own suggestions to add to my list.

Tori Black is Pretty Filthy (Mason, 2009): Tori Black, Rebecca Linares, and Mark Ashley

As a whole, this Mason flick delivers in ways other gonzo releases rarely do, and the entire enterprise has a third-wave feminist approach that works really well. True to this apparent goal, the first scene concludes (sans Mark Ashley) with Tori's orgasm. Also see Savoy's post on the whole movie and its multiple female pop shots.

Car Wash Girls (Mason, 2010): Eva Angelina, Alexis Texas, and Michael Stefano

As with Pretty Filthy, this Mason flick opens with a scene that closes with a female orgasm. Once Stefano has cum, he and Alexis get to work on Eva, and her orgasm is the "money shot."

Bootylicious Girls (Sam No, 2010): Isis Taylor and Manuel Ferrara

This scene, the last one in the movie, is my current favourite. After a notably heated session, Manuel cums, and then goes to town on Isis -- her orgasm concludes the scene.

Expose Me, Lovely (Armand Weston, 1979): Ras Kean and Jody Maxwell

The only classic of the bunch. Kean plays a private dick trying to solve a murder mystery. His visit to a sculptress's home leads to a hot scene where, after the male cum shot, an extended session of cunnilingus and resulting female orgasm signals the end of the scene.


Roger Feelbert said...

What an interesting observation! I'll have to make sure I keep my eyes peeled for such scenes. I'll let you know if I come across any.

Gore-Gore Girl said...

I know, isn't it? I can't take the credit, of course, but I will diligently continue providing more films and clips as they accumulate (maybe in another four years, I'll have four more scenes!).

Glad to have you on board - email me as few or as many as you like, and I'll post them.

Savoy said...

Back in October I remember writing about "Tori Black is Pretty Filthy" and Black's orgasms being the scenes' "pop". That's how every scene in that movie ends.

I note that three of your four examples are Mason/Sam No creations. I do hope it is something that she sticks with. I'm sure she got positive feedback about it from fans.

Good to see you back. :) Hope fun times are what kept you away and not drama.

Gore-Gore Girl said...

Hey Savoy! I remember that thread - I will go in and link to it so I'm properly cited. ;)

Sam No/Mason is certainly the Queen of the female money shot - I just can't see why anyone wouldn't want a female orgasm to be foregrounded every now and again. I too hope she keeps it up.

BlackSix said...

The first time I really noticed this was in Mason's Slave Dolls 3 with a simply amazing scene (perhaps the first?) between Kristina Rose and Manuel Ferrara, where KR sat back after the facial and masturbated to orgasm. I loved it and mentioned in on the ADT forum and received a PM from Mason mentioning how she also loved that ending and that it just happened on set spontaneously.

Gore-Gore Girl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gore-Gore Girl said...

Holy shit! That sounds fucking amazing. I will have to check out the scene.

Oh, and kudos! I don't know what I'd do if Mason emailed me.

Savoy said...

I don't think it was on the ADT forum, but in my neglected blog. And I bet Black6 beat me to it anyway. ;)

Black6, you're right. Slave Dolls 3 was KR and MF's first scene. They talk about it a lot in the BTS. It's a great scene. In fact, I love that whole movie and wish that Mason would make another one like it.

GGG, I'm sure it's only a matter of time before she makes contact with you. ;)

Gore-Gore Girl said...

Hmm...still whiffs of unintentional plagiarism to me. I remember your blog post now. I will link to it. Btw - I can't read your blog anymore, it's private:(

The Guy said...

I've noticed this in quite a few recent Elegant Angel movies, both by Mason and William H. I can't remember the exact scenes because I' too much porn since. It's a great concept and certainly stands out. I also agree about the orgasms only needing to appear real. The believable depiction caries as much weight as a genuine orgasm to a viewer that doesn't know any better.


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