Thursday, September 2, 2010

Quickies! Fall Semester Edition: Part 1

Hey folks. It's been busy in my neck of the woods thanks to obligations that come around this time of the year. I've been dutifully using my down time to watch lots of flicks though, most of which have turned out to be porn movies about porn, or porn movies about planes, or porn movies about porn being made on planes. Strange. Enjoy!

Careful, He May Be Watching (Richard Pacheco, 1987)

Wow, this movie really impressed me. Seka plays pilot Mike Horner's lovely wife, who lives a double life as porn star Molly Flame. While hubby is off flying planes, she is busy making fuck flicks at home. It's kind of a Superman/Clark Kent deal, with the Jane Smith housewife role being the performance, while Molly Flame is the "real" her. Beautifully and creatively shot, with subtly complex characterizations, I enjoyed the dynamic between Molly/Jane and her husband, who is genuinely torn up inside after fantasizing about a stewardess. It's all strangely sweet and believable, with the troubled but committed relationship forming the core of the narrative. Great stuff.

Coffee, Tea or Me (Bob Vosse, 1983)

Jamie Gillis, Juliet Anderson, Paul Thomas...a plane...I kinda assumed this would be good no matter what, but it was just average and veering into mundane. Juliet is a stewardess with aspirations of becoming the first female commercial pilot. Airline boss PT thinks it's a grand idea, but pilot husband Jamie finds it threatening and convinces PT to turn her down. Meanwhile, Jamie is philandering all over the place. What a bastard. Well, at least we have his comeuppance to look forward to at the end of the flick, what with Juliet being so tough and all. The film just kind of ends without any such fun closure. A highly disposable film, but not so bad that I got mad at it.

Firestorm (Cecil Howard, 1984)

Holy smokes, this film is great. I won't bother trying to explain the plot, beyond the premise that a ghost writer is hired by a wealthy woman to pen her memoirs -- it's a complicated, non-linear noirish affair, full of intriguing characters (played by a stellar cast including GGG favourites Eric Edwards, John Leslie, Kay Parker, and a fleeting appearance by Veronica Hart). As if all that weren't enough, it's incredibly well shot and the use of light, color, shadow, and framing is outstanding. I feel lucky for having seen this.

Fly Girls (Robby D., 2009)

Having seen Flight Attendants, I can say with ease that Fly Girls wins the 2009 flight attendant porn battle. That said, it also suffers from some of the same problems. Fly Girls is about a group of folks trying to make a porn movie on a plane renegade style, but through a series of mishaps end up on the wrong plane thinking they're being filmed and everyone is in on it. Hilarity ensues. Actually, that was only intended as mildly sarcastic because the dialogue is pretty funny and clever in places (especially all the banter about France, courtesy of Manuel and Katsuni), but as with so many promising new features, the narrative is lumped into the front section of the film, to make way for looooooong sex scenes that dominate the latter sections and ruin the flow of narrative. It started out invigorating and fun, and wound up tedious enough for me to fast-forward the majority of the second half. A shame.

Skintight (Ed De Priest, 1981)

Hmmm. This film is rather odd, with a couple of striking visual sequences, but not quite good enough to really be memorable as a whole. Paul Thomas and Annette Haven star as sex therapists, and while Annette is dutifully fucking her clients back to health, PT is becoming obsessed with another woman and eventually goes nuts and rapes her. Mingled into all of this are some weird music video style sequences (heavy on leather, chains, and aviator glasses) and some sex scene music that is both baffling and unerotic. Music is credited to "Sabu" -- I recognize one of the songs from the Spleen's entrance in Mystery Men. I can't say I recommend or discourage seeking this film out.


X-Ray Specs said...

Love the "quickie" reviews.

Gore-Gore Girl said...

Thanks! Glad you're enjoying them!

Cuntlove said...

Ha! "Coffee, Tea or Me" I actually read that BOOK.

Gore-Gore Girl said...

Ha! There's a book?? Wow!

BlackSix said...

Catching up on your reviews after being away for a while, great stuff. BTW your review of Skintight reminded me of Smoker, a fascinating movie you should check out. It very consciously plays with the voyeurism of porn in a way more overt than even Cafe Flesh.

Gore-Gore Girl said...

Thanks man! Glad you're enjoying browsing around. I will have to check out Smoker - especially as Cafe Flesh got namechecked in the process.


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