Thursday, September 9, 2010

Quickies! Fall Semester Edition Part 2!

Hey folks! Life is starting to reach some semblance of routine and orderliness. I've even done some reading! Of course, I haven't laxed up on an equally important part of my research: watching movies!

Here's the latest in my film viewing...compacted and reproduced for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

Bon Appetit (Dir. Chuck Vincent, 1980)

Hmm. Normally a film directed by Chuck Vincent featuring Jack Wrangler should be super, but this film is extremely average. Kelly Nichols travels the world with Randy West as she tries to fuck all the men on Gloria Leonard's "Best Lovers" list in a certain period of time, and Randy documents the evidence on camera. In actuality, it seems like 30% of the movie is made up of panning shots of various exteriors and cityscapes. All very pretty, and there are lots and lots of white people with afros (including Wrangler, who doesn't talk and barely fucks), yet this cannot save the movie from being dull. A shame, but I'm happy that the cast and crew got to go on vacation.

Champagne For Breakfast (Dir. Chris Warfield, 1980)

Leslie Bovee stars as a rich lady who, after a life of hard workin' decides to start fucking around and enjoying herself but needs someone to drive her to each engagement. John Leslie figures out Bovee doesn't want to hire straight guys, so pretends to be gay and gets hired as her masseuse and chauffeur. John puts on quite a mincing performance (which I've seen before in Every Woman Has a Fantasy Part II), but it's a lot less fun when his character's aggressive homophobia is never taken to task. It all comes across as pretty offensive. Nevertheless, it's not a total bust and there are some fun and sexy moments to savor.

Massive Facials (Dir. Sam No, 2008)

I'm not exactly what you would call a blow-bang fan -- first there's the very concept, which isn't really my thing (female pleasure secondary), and then there's the spectacle of lots of dudes standing around naked and awkward, jerking off. Well, this flick was a different affair. I may be weighing an entire film on its first scene (with Jenna Haze), but boy what a scene. The others are good too. Female pleasure is certainly not given the backseat in this film, with ample use of electric toys and a determined level of communication between crew and performer (which Mason/Sam No fans have become happily accustomed to expect). Each "massive facial" is followed by lots of applause, giggles, and verbal interaction, and the whole thing is fun and sexy. There are still the naked men standing around jerking, but it's a lot less awkward. Great stuff.

Daisy Chain (Dir. Kirdy Stevens, 1984)

A porn film about the making of a porn film, and the silly antics that occur during the process. Karen Summer steals the show, as she's apt to do, as the script girl who wants in on the action. There are lots of funny lines, and Kevin James is goofy and lovable as usual. You get the impression that Helene Terrie (who also wrote the Taboo series which Stevens' directed) is working with some real and fantasized behind-the-scenes scenarios with her screenplay, with some fun and interesting (if a bit lightweight) results.


José Viruete said...

There's never enough Cheetara pics on a porn blog!

José Viruete said...
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Gore-Gore Girl said...

Haha - indeed. She captures my mood at the moment, so figured I'd use her.

Derek said...

Jenna Haze looks amazing - what a lovely gal! I'll have to see some of her films now. :) Would you recommend any more of her films?

Hope all is well!

Gore-Gore Girl said...

I'm not terribly familiar with her extensive catalogue myself - but I've liked her in everything I've seen. She's one of those performers who seems to have profound career longevity.


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