Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Meet the Neighbours: Debi Diamond

Hi folks! A very special Meet the Neighbours today, perfect timing for Lady Porn Day: an interview with industry legend, Debi Diamond. Thank you Debi for graciously agreeing to do this!



Tell us about yourself! Who are you, and what do you do?

~Well Hi....humm what do I do?
I'm a busy mom 1st.(list to long to include). Producer, Spice Radio Host, writer, and animal rescuer...

You started out as a performer, working in a huge number of titles during the 1980s/90s, before retiring and then making a recent comeback. Why did you originally retire, and why did you decide to return? How are things different for you as a performer? What are some of the biggest changes in the industry you have noticed?

~Yes, I actually made my first movies in 1983, as a outlaw....It was not, legal to shoot porn, so I really loved the idea, of being sneaky and bad....perfect for me...I left the business in 95, I just felt i needed a break, I did so much in the early 90's, my life was FAST> , not complaining, just wanted to try something new...so I started dancing....which led to another state, which then led to another life.....outside of SEX...it was amazing, and perfect...BUT, felt i was ready to implode....lost my mind, and came back to Cali..Never really having a plan....I just kinda settled into my level of comfort....which i have now....complete comfort...I love producing, making fem dom is edgy enough to satisfy my inner kink...and Radio is a total blast...I write for a few sites, and I am a busy bee working on my BOOK... The business is a complete change from when i left in 95...thanks to the INTERNET....In many ways, a very nice thing , but sadly, many cant survive..sad situation

You have also started your own company, Debi Diamond Films, specializing in femdom titles. What made you want to produce titles in this genre? How have people (industry and/or audience) reacted to you deciding to work in this particular genre?

~Upon my return to California and the industry that raised me, I was taken back by the loss of many of the stable companies I had known, why? FREE PORN SITES.... This is a travesty and it just isn't right.I watched it and just felt the chances of survival would be much greater if I found a subject matter, so saturated within the free sites....fem dom was it...plus i love to boss guys around....stupid fuckers....TO SEE HOT WOMEN IN TOTAL CONTROL......TURNS ME ON!

Femdom is an interesting genre in terms of gender -- I have seen people laud it as empowering for women, while others see it as simply a "turning of the tables" and not progressive at all. Still others see it as offensive and no different from porn in which women are abused by men. What are your thoughts on these varying perspectives, and what is your personal view on the genre?

~I love it when everyone is happy....#1 priority for me.....I was usually happy fucking anyone anywhere....but, sex scenes can get complicated.....MY FEM DOM....has like this magic potion....we have had no unhappy situations, everyone is thrilled to be involved, the women love to work these guys over, the guys love it too!...win/win

Do you identify as feminist? How do you personally define feminism?

~ I do feel women are goddesses and can have what ever they want, they are wonderful,gifted and able to accomplish things men could only dream of ... but bottom line...we need our men.....i love men, i love cock, i love sex,

Pornography and sex work have been divisive issues in feminism for many years, an ongoing heated debate known as the "sex wars." While these divisions were strongest in the 1980s, there remains the assumption for many that porn is damaging to women. What is your perspective on these "sex wars"? Is pornography at odds with feminism? Do you think one has something to offer the other?

~I think as with any occupation....when done with intent...it's all good.....Look, in this life, are we not very lucky to make our living and be happy? I have always enjoyed what i do, felt very lucky, been in control of my destiny... I am sure there are people that get damaged by our business, sad but true, but come on....any line of work can be dangerous to the fragile, xxx is just a magnet for the low self esteem crowd...but lately...I'm impressed with the number of IN control business women within our industry.....really impressed

You're a Hall-of-Famer, a multi-award winner, have a vast catalogue of films under your belt, and are considered a pioneer in adult film. How do you feel about such accomplishments in an industry so often maligned by mainstream media/culture? How has such success affected your life outside of porn?

~I feel very lucky to be me...and Frankly, my humble opinion of myself? no big deal...never felt like I would even be remembered after my break, shocking how many people feel i was part of their lives, very touching to know,and to read, and be praised almost on a daily basis.....I'm just a jean&tee wearing mom....who happens to have her sexual life on film...

If you could change anything about the porn industry, what would it be?

~Damage is done...so many of my friends are gone/out of business, it's a free for all...for example....my domain..debidiamond.com..is owned by some fuckhead running a fake fan club, stealing my stuff,and thousands of dollars and several years..i am still fighting to get it back....free sites and the people and companies behind them need to be exposed and really if we all got together and stood as 1, we could do some amazing things, make some amazing changes..but seems everyone is out for themselves...back in the day, the early 80's...we were a family, all as 1...today....its a dog eat dog business ...sad

What are your goals for the immediate and/or long term future?

~my goals are just to have that balance....I need balance and positive outlook...i will accept nothing less...if i can make my movies, keep my family and myself happy, live well and healthy, stay busy, keep smiling and spreading good energy...all is good in my world!

If you were to make a scene today with any director and performer/s from any era, who would you pick to work with, and why?

~Goodness....the old timers were some of my favs....John Leslie, joey silvera, paul thomas, Vanessa Del Rio, kay parker,Marilyn Chambers.Desiree Cousteau...these were the ones i watched and looked up to....mix them with the dirty girls of this time , belladonna, amber rayne....and wow....im in!

What are your three favourite XXX films that you have made/performed in, and why?

~again the older ones stand out
all american girls in heat...83
bad girls 2...83
san fernando valley girls...83

but i do love
PERFORMER OF THE YEAR...84.my movie!
AND REALLY....shit...so many...

i have a theater at hot movies, with most of my movies debidiamondvod.com very cool thing the Internet has ...VIDEO ON DEMAND!

What are your three favourite XXX films that you have watched, and why?

SAME AS ABOVE...im a perv, and really love to watch myself

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