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Meet the Neighbours: Megan Hussey

More interview goodness in the spirit of (week-long) Lady Porn Day, this time with journalist, erotica writer, and all around fascinator, Megan Hussey. Read on to find out more! Thank you Megan for these wonderful and thought-provoking answers.


Tell us about yourself! Who are you, what do you do, and what has led you to this point in life/work?

Thank you so much for this opportunity, Gore Gore Girl; you and this blog rock and I'm glad to be here. I'm Megan Hussey, a journalist and erotica author who writes paranormal, historical and contemporary erotic romance for Class Act, Melange, Noble and Phaze books. I also have written blog, erotic fiction and website material for companies like Playgirl, the Good Vibrations e-zine, Chick Media and Trejix Toys, and some DVD cover copy for Playgirl. My work has been published in Playgirl and Scarlet adult women's magazines. And if all that wasn't naughty enough, I run the Playgirl Posse, Playgirl's fan club, and co-coordinate the FemPower women's erotica project. I'm collaborating on a book project coordinated through FLR.Com that addresses the issue of FLR (female lead relationships), and am also working on a book about women who worked behind the scenes in the silent film industry. And I'm a proud staff writer for Fangirltastic, where GGG also writes! My website is

Tell us about your writing - what themes interest you? Do you have a particular perspective that you want to express through your writing?

I definitely write from the feminist perspective; I like, not only to capture women's fantasies on paper but to turn stereotypical male fantasies on their ear for female readers; I write about male incubus vampires who open bordellos for women, male alien sex servants, sensual mermen, etc. I once wrote a feminist erotic take on Beauty and the Beast. The beauty, of course, was male and the 'beast,' female.:)

You identify as feminist - how do you define feminism? What do you find are the most common misconceptions of feminism?

I define feminism as the support of equality and women's empowerment. Feminists do so many great things; they open domestic violence centers, raise money for breast cancer research, and work to stop rape and rape myths. And for their trouble, they are attacked as 'Nazis,' 'manhaters,' and women who just want to be men. That one I REALLY don't get--we hate men but we want to be them? (Shakes head, crosses eyes).

I personally have gone through several "evolutions" of feminism due to various experiences, books, classes, and a multitude of other influences. What has been your own "evolution" or "journey" through feminism? What or who have been the biggest influence on your perspective?

I like to joke that I was a feminist since birth; that I came out of the womb with the singular goal of overturning the patriarchy by preschool.:) By my teens I was writing feminist poetry and humor; some of my role models range from Gloria Steinem to Naomi Wolff to Barbara Ehrenrich, Hillary Clinton to Queen Elizabeth I, Candida Royalle to Petra Joy and Kelly Holland. I joined a feminist group in college and always have supported the National Organization for Women and Feminists for Free Expression.

Many women, especially writers and filmmakers, are careful to distinguish between "porn" and "erotica." Do you make a distinction? If so, why and how do you define each term? If not, why not, and how do you feel about these distinctions when they're made?

Personally no; and this is going to get me into heapsa' trouble with some of my sister erotica authors.:) The fact is, though, that if you read an erotic book, you won't find anything more or less explicit than you will in a high class couple's porn movie; the problem is that, through the years, the word porn has been associated with sexist, sleazy, sometimes even violent productions--this casts a stigma over the whole industry. In its purest form, though, both porn and erotica center around sex and sensual activities; both fields have their share of quality, beautiful works. I'm an erotica writer and a women's porn writer, and am equally proud of both.

The experience of and public attitude toward pornographic literature and pornographic film are, in my experience, very different. In addition, literature tends to be referred to as "erotica" and seen as "feminine," while film tends to be referred to as "porn" and seen as "masculine." Have you noticed these genderings of visual/literal media? What are your thoughts on such cultural distinctions?

Yes, I have definitely noticed those distinctions. If a woman goes into a porn shop, she may be pointed or laughed at, just as I have. If a man goes into the erotica/romance section at a bookstore, he gets the same reaction. Yet I know a lot of women who love porn, and have been surprised by the number of men who respond to my erotic stories. In the end it's all about sex and romance; concepts that play a role in the lives of most people.

Some feminists see women's consumption of pornography as an important and progressive act. What are your thoughts on this?

Important, progressive and vital. Listen Ladies, if we ever want to see women's porn succeed, it's important that we go to the adult stores--and, for that matter, to mainstream DVD stores that sell adult titles--and ask for the movies, magazines and books we want. It's equally important for store owners to train their personnel to be sensitive to the needs of female customers; I've known more than one lady who was practically laughed out of a store for requesting a copy of Playgirl or an adult film title--this has to stop.

How would you describe your personal relationship with porn?

Porn and I have been happily married for a number of years tee hee; actually, I wasn't always a porn fan. I started out watching beefcake and male stripper tapes from companies like Playgirl, Chippendales, LaBare, The Hollywood Men, Manpower Australia and Sharpshooter, but had always heard that porn was--well-icky. Then I watched a few Candida Royalle/Femme and Adam and Eve titles (I believe the first ones I ever saw were Candida's "Femme," Adam and Eve's "Hardbound" with Dale DaBone and Nina Hartley and Cameron Grant's "The Dinner Party,") and found nothing icky about them; in fact they were extremely hawt!

Now I have a sizable porn collection but it consists entirely of femme style titles; films that emphasize the male body and the female pleasure, with an equal balance of romance and hot action. It doesn't have to be a real-life husband and wife scenario; in fact I avoid those because I'm not a monogamous person and I don't relate to them. It could be a beautiful, ultra sensual title from Playgirl, a funky, artsy flick from Strawberry Seductress, a hip, sexy film from Chick Media or London Gunn, or just an all-out girls' night out fest from Inpulse.

What are your Top 3 favourite XXX movies, and why?

Wow, just three?! Well, among my top picks would be Playgirl's Body Worship; Playgirl vignettes feature popular adult actors in fantasy scenarios geared toward the female eyes. This particular disc features Jean Val Jean as a male escort, Niko as a priest, and so many other hotties--and for once, the camera focuses on the males as they pleasure the women!

Another would be Immortal Desire, an absolutely beautiful production from the early '90s that features Gerry Pike and Sarah Jane Hamilton as immortal lovers who meet in the renaissance era and keep finding each other through time. It's a beautiful, romantic and artistic film; a love story in an industry of sex stories.

I also love Inpulse's Erection Services, which starred Julian, Alex Sanders and other porn hunks as enterprising males who open a bordello for women.

And though it's not XXX, I also have to list the Love Scenes softcore series from B-fore Productions. It's sumptious, romantic, and features a number of Playgirl models and male dancers in scenes with some lucky (and lovely) women; and, again, the focus is on the men.


christine said...

GGG- This was a fun interview to read! As usual, fab questions and I will now be seeking out some of Megan's writing.

Gore-Gore Girl said...

Thanks christine! Glad you'll be checking out Megan's stuff!

MeganH said...

Thanks Christine! Hope you enjoy.




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