Thursday, March 24, 2011

Back on the Horse!

Hey folks! Wow. What a week or so. Don't worry, I ain't gonna go into it. (Spoiler Alert! It sucked). Part of it was getting sick, and the sickness just not going away. I'm still coughing up suspect debris, but I'm totally able to get out of the house, fulfill my responsibilities, and generally get back on the horse. A new review will be up tomorrow! Yay! It's written and everything!

In the meantime, chase those blues away with this frankly inspiring photograph of the lovely Marilyn Chambers and the captivating Johnnie Keyes. And some lady off to the side. ID anyone?


MeganH said...

Hi and welcome back, GGG! I don't know the ID of the gal (though it's funny how she's sitting there, fully clothed and looking slightly bemused at all the goings on lol), but I was wondering, I saw a trailer for Inside Marilyn Chambers that featured Marilyn dancing with an absolutely gorgeous man with long blond hair; I can't find the trailer anymore but was wondering if you or any of your readers have an ID for the Mystery Hunk?:)

Gore-Gore Girl said...

Hmmm. I bet someone out there knows. I'm glad I checked around, because I found her dancing with Johnnie Keyes at about the 1min09 mark here:

That's from Inside Marilyn Chambers. I can't find any long blond haired dudes in the cast list on iafd or imdb though. Are you sure it was this movie?

MeganH said...

Thanks for checking GGG; I wish I could find that trailer, but I'm pretty sure it was that movie. I know he wasn't Johnny Keyes or either of the Mitchell Brothers:); he kind of looked like a blonder, poutier Evan Stone, but this would have been years before Evan got in the biz. Ah well, my quest continues...:)

BlackSix said...

The scene of Marilyn dancing with Keyes is originally from The Resurrection of Eve, one of the best of the early 70s features, which tackles sexual abuse, racisism and sexism and a sort of feminism. Williams wrote about it in Hardcore and her description of it interested me so much I sought it out, it was one of the first features to spark my interest in classic era porn.

Gore-Gore Girl said...

Hey BS! Yeah, after watching the video properly I realised it was from Resurrection. That's a great film -- in fact, it's one of the first classic porn films I saw. Impressive stuff, and boy do I love Johnnie Keyes.

BlackSix said...

Yeah, Johnnie Keyes is great in this and of course Sex World, I just looked him up on iafd and he didn't do too many features though, mostly loops by the look of it. Too bad, as he's quite charming.


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