Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Quickies: Summer's Dawn Edition

Howdy. I've been enjoying my time off (two whole days, totally off, totally lazy, before summer work started today). In betwixt substantial features, I figure some quickies will serve as a palate cleanser.


Society Affairs (Robert McCallum aka. Gary Graver, 1984)

This flick is just so-so. It's worth seeing for a late Harry Reems performance (post-legal troubles). He's in great shape, and even does some nifty wall scaling! The plot centres on Reems: he is an ex-con who is identical to some rich guy about to get married, so he partners up with Veronica Hart to steal the wedding gifts. The plot doesn't factor into the movie too much, and what's left is adequate. I was kinda waiting around for what I thought was an anticipated sex scene between Hart and Reems, but right when I thought it would happen, the film ended. According to Robert Rimmer's Guide the scene happens...so, I guess the DVD is cut. Either way, I felt cheated. Those who like their sex scenes sprinkled with R. Bolla doing an exercise routine in the background, however, should pick this up immediately.

Navy Blue (The Amero Bros., 1979)

I was pretty excited to see this one, and was bitterly disappointed once I dug in. Even actual remastered DVDs don't tend to open with some grand proclamation about their noble efforts to restore the film for your viewing pleasure. So, for a DVD that contains one of the shoddiest VHS transfers I ever laid my eyes on, the aforementioned opening brag really smarts. Shitty sound and picture quality aside, Wrangler is delightful, Payne is delightful in a wooden sort of way (as usual), and the light plot (two Navy boys are in love with each other but don't feel they can tell the other; while on leave, they get into shenanigans and eventually each other) is just fine by me. What isn't fine by me is the low "completion" rate that so often seems to happen in older gay porn movies. Maybe these expectations of proof of desire are rooted in my own heteronormative conditioning, but the expectation is there nonetheless.

A Night at the Adonis (Jack Deveau, 1978)

Another Wrangler Fest, with lots of completion this time around. So much, in fact, it was a little too much! Someone described this film to me as half-cool and half-disgusting, and I'm inclined to agree. I mean, this shit gets debauched. The plot, regarding a night in the life of the infamous Adonis Theater and its customers, eroticizes slumming, grime, and public sex in general, and I guess they succeeded in their mission. The quota of engaging young men in this is high, but as usual Jack Wrangler (and his kick ass jacket) steals the show. Still, he's given a run for his money by Jayson MacBride, who really impressed me. I have a suspicion that their scene together is trimmed though, which pissed me off.

A Taste of Money (Richard Mailer, 1988)

This is a bonafide curiosity. Most performers play themselves, as Jamie Gillis and PT attempt to get Constance Money out of retirement to make one more film. Constance Money, of course, is Misty Beethoven, and one of the most engaging and beautiful adult film stars -- all the more notable for how few films she made. Alas, this is not for fans of Money. I don't know what her deal was filming this, but she seems to have trouble with pretty much every aspect, slurring her lines and whatnot. On the other hand, the film has some should-see aspects, especially fans of Gillis. It's worth watching just for the meta quality.

Bobby Sox (Paul Thomas, 1996)

I have heard all sorts of wonderful things about this film, so I'm disappointed to have to say it didn't nearly live up to its reputation. I don't think I can fully explain the plot -- in short, Jamie Gillis plays a washed up B-movie actor in town to promote a cheesy new film. Cue Steven St. Croix getting jealous, staged kidnappings, Gillis playing drunk and depressed, and a couple other twists and turns. First of all, the film is too long. Second, I dunno, it's not very good. Still, I can't completely write it off -- Gillis wakes the film up whenever he's on screen, and there are a couple of interesting elements (the Matinee-esque promotional stunt where Gillis dressed as an alien "kidnaps" a woman; the modern-50s), but overall I found the pacing was off, and perhaps most significantly the sound recording was terrible.


Mac Campbell said...

Hello gore-gore-girl,
I'm a horror writer, and i saw your name when you unfollowed Phantom of Pulp. For some mysterious reason, I thought you were part of the internet horror community. Imagine my surprise when I came here! Not sure where the name comes from.
Anyhoo, your blog is a hoot. And your About Me pic is of Amber Lynn, who is an old favorite of mine, along with Christy Canyon.
I have my own blog: iwritehorror.blogspot.com. I've posted two short stories there, if you'd like to read them. They're probably not your cup of tea, come to think of it. But it was nice to find your site.
Have a good night,
Mac Campbell

Gore-Gore Girl said...

Hi there Mac! Thanks for stopping by! I think a lot of people think I'm part of the horror community because of my name (hence the addition of a sub-heading :), but indeed I'm part of the elusive online porn blogger community. Glad you like the site! I will check out your stories, thanks for the tip -- horror is my first love, so I may well find something of interest.

Take care!

BlackSix said...

I love when Wrangler proposes going to check out the Fassbinder film at the beginning of Night at the Adonis!


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